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6-Sided Complete CNC Machining


These advanced CNC mill/turn 7-axis machining platforms, allows us to produce finished parts in one set up, reducing human error between operations. We also have the ability to make very precise cuts and adhere to tight tolerances.
The above part was made in one setup on one machine. We could  TURN, MILL, SLOT, DRILL AND BORE, DRILL OFF CENTER , DRILL ON ANGLES, SLOT ON ANGLES, THREAD AND TAP HOLES, ETC. This could be done on all  6 sides with one set up.  Once one side is machined, the sub spindle will orientate  and pick up the part and then machine the back side. This  allows to get a finished part with out the station to station handling.  This eliminates  human error that normally occurs when machining parts using multiple machines and fixtures. This is particularly important when features  need to be orientated to each other.  6 SIDED COMPLETE MACHINE  can be done  from bar up to  3” or we could chuck bigger  parts. Chucking  size may vary depending on configuration of the part. If  you would like quote please Contact us today.
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