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CNC Milling  Cavtech operates eight full 3-axis CNC milling centers, 5 of which have 4-axis capabilities and one with 5- axis milling capabilities. Using the latest CAD/CAM  we could take your DXF, DWG , STP or IGES files and produce CNC machined parts to your specifications with any  complex features required. Our CNC Milling machines can support up to 20x40 x16 work envelope.
CNC Turning With seven turning machines and some using integrated bar feeding systems , we have the ability to machine parts up to three inches in diameter.  Five of our machines are also equipped with a live tooling option that facilitates off-axis machining operations such as mill drilling.  This eliminates the need for secondary operation setup and reduces production lead times. 
Other Services Cavtech also has the ability to produce a complete part including  requirements of all types of metal finishing, heat treating and assembly.  

CNC Milling & Turning Services

Cavtech Industries specializes in manufacturing simple to complex products, using precision machining, including CNC turning and CNC milling. Our advanced equipment allows for 6-sided complete machining, which means minimal handling between operations and less room for error. In addition, we have the ability to supply products that require finishes such as plating, polishing, anodizing and assemblies.
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